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South Australia

South Australian Prawn Fishermen

Fishing history spanning three generations. First starting in NSW in the 60’s then moved to South Australia to fish for Blue Fin Tuna. Commenced prawn fishing in the early 70’s.


Spencer Gulf and Gulf St. Vincent
King Prawns (melicertus latisulcatus)

SA King Prawns, Wild, Natural and Certified Sustainable. A premium species from the clean cold waters of Spencer Gulf and Gulf St. Vincent. Highly regarded for its quality and crisp taste and texture.


Packed at Sea

King Prawns are graded and sorted within minutes of landing. Some are cooked fresh in sea water immediately and chilled. Both cooked and raw packed in 5kg or 10kg cartons. Cartons are then placed in Snap freezer @ minus 35-40C.

South Australia

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